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Notices Module

INCITE Keystone supports requests, instructions and notification processes, which can be individually configured to meet business, stakeholder or project specific requirements.

Visibility and Control

INCITE Keystone centralises project communications and documentation. The entire project team works in a structured web based environment, giving key project stakeholders visibility and control over processes, critical target dates and associated costs.

Typical Processes Include

Improve Productivity by Using Workflows

All processes can be set to follow certain routines and logical sequences.

Example: INCITE tracks all processes from Request for Information to Site Instruction to Variations

  • The response to the RFI indicates a Site Instruction is required. Send the RFI on as a Site Instruction to maintain a link.
  • The Site Instruction is considered to be a change to the scope of work. Send the Site Instruction on as a Variation.
  • With an approved Variation the Site Instruction can be carried out.

The Easy Way to Manage and Track Documents

  • Instructions, Request or Notification forms can include fields and information which are only visible to designated individuals or roles, preventing exposure of critical or sensitive project information to all project participants
  • Due dates on each process show whether instructions have been followed up, making it easy to identify delays across all processes. Reports can be generated in real time to follow up delays or for tracking history
  • Individual workflows can be set up to track the history between sender and responder or allow multiple workflow steps between different parties involved – and processes can be linked together to provide a full audit trail
  • All Instruction, Request and Notification forms can be received and responded to via Outlook or other email clients by external participants without access to INCITE
  • All documents can be converted to PDF