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Incite | Aconex

Key Features

INCITE Keystone supports requests, instructions and notification processes, which can be individually configured to meet business, stakeholder or project specific requirements.


INCITE Keystone centralises project communications and documentation. The entire project team works in a structured web based environment, giving key project stakeholders visibility and control over processes, critical target dates and associated costs.

Fast Search

INCITE Keystone provides a range of different search mechanisms to allow you to easily locate the specific documents and records you are looking for. Our dynamic filters allow you to drill down into your different registers, dividing them according to different categories and then use either INCITE Keystones simple keyword search or advanced search builder to refine these results further and find exactly what you are looking for. Your search results will be displayed after each search along with a relevancy rating score indicating which documents are most relevant to your search criteria.


INCITE Keystones integrated reporting application, Microsoft SQL Report Builder, provides you with the ability to produce powerful reports to give better insight into your core project processes. These reports can include table reports, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs and time-series graphs all overlaying your INCITE Keystone data to give you better decision support and more effective project management.

Microsoft SQL Report Builder is freely downloadable and the internet has an extensive library of instruction manuals and guides so you can choose to develop your own reports or instead have our experienced support team develop these reports for you.


Adopt or build: it’s entirely up to you. Aconex Limited provides a range of different standard system templates for a range of different industry sectors, reflecting the unique requirements of each of these groups. As a valued INCITE Keystone customer, you can choose to adopt those elements of our standard templates that are applicable to you and then build upon this foundation to ensure that the system ultimately reflects your own unique requirements.

INCITE Keystone provides significant extensibility, giving our customers the ability to design their own online forms, to implement fine-grained permission structures that reflects the projects organisation chart, to define filing structures that are consistent with that already in use by the company in legacy systems or within the companies shared folder structure and to design powerful reports that give both succinct progress updates as well as detailed tracking of core project documents and processes.


Design and Construction processes can often be complex and involve multiple parties working together towards the same outcome. With so many people involved across so many different companies, it can be all too easy for vital information to be lost. INCITE Keystones powerful workflow engine provides the perfect solution to this problem, providing the ability for you to design and implement custom workflow processes to make communications between project parties more efficient and ensuring that all parties adhere to the same process.

A typical example of where our workflow engine can be used is the design review and certification process where an architect or design consultant will upload and submit the preliminary schematic design documents for review and approval and INCITE Keystone workflow engine will determine who these documents need to be distributed to and approved by before a more detailed design can be developed. This workflow enforces any certification requirements that are mandated in the Project Deed, ensuring that the project is compliant with these requirements and that the design is reviewed comprehensively before certified documents can be prepared and construction can commence.

Our workflow engine also provides the ability for you to enforce the stateful logic of your documents ensuring that only the latest documents are used for vital project processes such as cost planning and construction programming. Our Version Control function can be activated within a workflow process to ensure that, where a document is being exchanged with multiple organizations, comments can only be added to the very latest record; ensuring that all parties comments are captured correctly.

Our workflow engine also provides the ability to link related processes allowing you to reflect the natural relationships between dependent processes. For example, a Site Engineer may raise a Request for Information which is automatically transmitted to the appropriate Project Manager for review. The Project Manager determines that the issue raised in the RFI has an impact on cost and time and by checking these options in the RFI form, the system automatically raises a Change Request which is then automatically transmitted to the appropriate approver based on the cost thresholds and the applicable levels of authority on the project.

INCITE Keystones workflow engine grants you the power to enforce your own business logic into core design, engineering and construction processes, making the system work how you work and incorporating the unique values and processes that make your company successful and competitive in the marketplace.


INCITE provides two project archiving options. The first option involves archiving the data into an HTML format. The HTML file can then be opened in any Mac or Windows machine using any browser. The second option creates an archive that has the look and feel of Windows Explorer with folders and sub-folders.