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Correspondence Management

INCITE Keystone works on the principle that all correspondence is captured in the platform electronically. Letters, faxes, memos and other contractual paper based forms can be individually tailored to meet the project’s data capture requirements.


Communicating Within and Beyond the Project

With INCITE Keystone all communication is captured regardless of whether collaborators are internal or external to the project. All correspondence can be sent internally within INCITE Keystone or externally via email or fax. Emails contain links, so that external members are directed to the information without needing to log on.


Tangible Benefits

Greater Productivity

Through more efficient production, dispatch and receipt of project correspondence, and the ability to find and refer to documents online.

Reduced Risk

Correspondence sent and received is tracked and securely stored.

A Single View

All project correspondence is indexed, date stamped and recorded within INCITE Keystone so it can be instantly retrieved for reference and progress reporting.

Lower Costs

INCITE Keystone greatly reduces paper and courier or postal costs.

Tracking, Flagging and Finding Correspondence

The messaging system has a user-friendly interface that anyone familiar with email would recognise. Addressing messages and documents is easy as it uses auto-complete functionality to quickly identify the correct contact or distribution group. All transactions are date-and-time stamped. Messages show a full audit trail of originator and recipients, and contain a record as to whether the correspondence has been opened or marked as read. Users can flag items as to-do or complete. Items can then be resorted using the flagged status.